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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Himesh Reshammiya's wife and son pictures

Yes, Himesh Reshammiya is married and has a 10 year old son. Himesh Reshammiya has kept his wife Komal under wraps all this while. Here’s a first look at his wife and son.

Komal was part of the audience at the silver jubilee celebrations of Utpal Shanghvi School held at the Andheri Sports Complex on Saturday. The couple’s son Swayam studies at the Juhu school. The composer-singer and lately turned actor has kept his family strictly under wraps all these years. Reshammiya does not even make a mention of them leave alone get spotted with them.

Reshammiya was to take centrestage at his son’s school’s 25 years celebrations free of cost. “Children are my biggest fans and I am doing this for their love,” he said.

Reshammiya who was the scene-stealer at the show did the finale act with a medley of his chartbusters. He goaded the audience to break the rules and turn the stadium into a nightclub. In a parting shot, Himesh surprised everyone at the end of the show by asking his son to join him on stage. He asked the public to bless his son just as they had blessed him. This is the first time the father and son were seen in public together.

It was only in Koffee With Karan’s last season that anchor Karan Johar managed to make the Aap Kaa Suroor star admit that he was married with a son. In a chat, Himesh reveals why he has keep his family away from the spotlight, his relationship with Salman Khan, his career and the future:

You spoke about your wife Komal and son Swayam for the first time?
Yes and I added that I don't like talking about my personal life. My friends had told me to be honest and I did. My personal life is separate from my career. But I acknowledged the fact that I am married with a 10-year-old son.

Komal is a simple, home-loving girl and it serves no purpose bringing her under the spotlight. She won't be comfortable. I am a very simple Gujarati boy from a traditional family.

Is that why you have kept your wife and son hidden?
It's not just Komal and Swayam but my parents too. They have never attended any film functions. My mom's birthday is on June 29 and I wanted to release Aap Kaa Suroor the same day. It was an emotional moment for me.

I have no intentions of keeping my family away from my success - I want to keep them away from the media because my family doesn't like it. My wife and son have seen the film and loved it.

There has been a buzz about you and Sonia Kapoor.
Those were baseless rumours. I am a devoted family man. She and I have always maintained that we are friends and there is nothing more. In fact, she recently said in an interview that she's single.

Who is Swayam's favourite star?
Shahrukh Khan.

Does that make you envious?
No. SRK is my favourite too.

When did you get married?
At 21 and I started my career producing Gujarati serials at 16. Salman had promised to give me a break as a music director and he did it with Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. It was only after Bhushan Kumar wanted me to feature in the Aashiq Banaya video that my look and style was planned.

So you never wanted to become an actor?
Never. It was all totally unplanned. After the music videos became hits, my friend Prashant Chaddha was very confident that he could launch me as an actor. Music is in my blood. I have taken training from my father.

There has been talk of a problem between Salman and you.
It's rubbish. We have always kept in touch. I met Salman during the Nagpur show and we performed together. He called me to the Partner trial last week. In fact after Aap Ka Suroor released he called me the next day, wished me and said the film was doing good business.

Recently, on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, he told one of the contestant's naak se mat gana but I haven't taken any offence to it. I love Salman - he can say anything. He's my mentor who will always be there for me.

Aap Kaa Surroor raked in more than Rs 45 crore. Today Adlabs, Percept and others have approached you. How does it feel?
I'm honoured that they have. I've always thought that more than talent, it's the blessings of God, the prayers of lakhs of people and my destiny which has helped me. I am not a big star nor am I conventionally good-looking.

Now I have to treat every film of mine like a newcomer. The song Tadap in Darling will be my last song sung in my voice for a film I have not acted in. Kamal Hassan's Dasavatharam will be my last as a music director. Now I have to give quality work as every 18 months.
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